Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2/26 - More cheap fun: Saturday University @ Seattle Asian Art Museum and Yoga in Volunteer Park

Saturday University: World Little Known
Central Asia, its Histories and Place in Today's World

The Silk Roads: Central Asia in the Wider World
February 26th - 9:30am-11am
Prof. Daniel Waugh, University of Washington
Seattle Asian Art Museum (Volunteer Park), Stimson Auditorium

Central Asia played a crucial role in cultural and economic exchange across Eurasia along the many routes that made up the historic "Silk Road."

Come early to stretch! Yoga classes offered by 8 Limbs Yoga at 8:30 am (beginners welcome); pay by voluntary donation. Please bring your own mats.

From Silk Road travel to contemporary social and political challenges in post-Soviet republics, this series investigates the region from Uzbekistan to Mongolia. Cosponsored by the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington. Teacher clock hours available.

Other lectures in this series:
Mar 5: Crafting Culture in Soviet Central Asia: Writers, Actors and Ordinary People
Mar 12: Religious Pluralism of Central Asia
Mar 19, Part 1: Central Asian Nomads Today: Musical Storytelling
Mar 19, Part 2: Esoteric Buddhism in Japan: The Lineage of Shingon
Mar 26: Colorful Ikat Textile Design and Central Asian Aesthetics
Apr 2: Women’s Work in Central Asia: Past and Present
Apr 9: Struggles of Central Asia Since Independence
Apr 16: Creating Community Solutions to Rural Issues in Central Asia

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(buy them here! by phone: 206-654-3121 or email:
Members: $40.00
Adults: $80.00

Individual Lecture
Members: $5.00
Adults: $10.00

2/26 - Free "Plan Your Veggie Garden" Workshop by Howell Collective P-Patch

The robins are chirping, the crocuses are blooming - spring is on its way. Despite the fact that it was sleeting today and may snow tonight, it's time to start planning your garden for the year. In case you're a newbie like me and could use some guidance, Howell Collective P-Patch has got you covered with its "Plan your Veggie Garden" workshop.

Plan Your Veggie Garden
February 26th, 10am - noon
Madison Market (16th & Madison/ 1600 E. Madison)

This class will help you decide what to plan, when to plan and where to plant. Learn where to find organic and heirloom seeds, how to decide where crops should be placed in the garden and create a plan so you can be harvesting fresh veggies all year round.

Please RSVP by emailing, including your name, neighborhood, and how you found out about the Howell Collective P-Patch.