Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yay, free stuff! 6/29 - The Best Films You've Never Seen @ Roy Street Coffee

I like free stuff and I like independent film. Roy Street Coffee & SIFF's Best of Fest has done the courtesy of putting those two things together with "The Best Films You've Never Seen", showing next Tuesday, June 29th at 8pm. Roy Street hosts the BFYNS every last Tuesday of the month in addition to their Wednesday and Sunday night 8pm Indie Flick.

6/25 - 1st Annual Prom Dress (Quake) Rugby Exhibition Match & Brocklinds Summer Garage Sale

In the fine tradition of gender-bending summer sporting events in Cal Anderson Park, Quake Rugby will host their first ever rugby exhibition match played in prom dresses. This means if you're looking for any larger or plus-sized formal dresses at Value Village right now, you're screwed.

However, if you really do need that large-sized prom dress in time for Pride (or just some bargain-priced formal wear), you might have some luck at Brocklinds Summer Garage Sale. The sale is this Friday (9a-6p) and Saturday (9a-5p).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Capitol Hill Crossing, Watch Out for Hauls

Life gets even more interesting for Capitol Hill pedestrians on July 1st when big dirt-haulers will start trucking from I-5 to the Broadway Light Rail Station site and back again using Olive and Denny. Recent pedestrian improvements at Boylston, a curb bulb on Denny and a crossing refuge on Olive, will make things a little less precarious for the pedestrian, and giant safety signs like the one above should keep everyone on their guard. Just be careful out there, and like they told you in kindergarten, don't forget to look both ways when you cross the street.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Karaoke is the new cupcake?

With all the new karaoke nights and venues that have been popping up in the neighborhood this year, I'm starting to feel like karaoke is going to be the new cupcake: nice, but far more popular than it is enjoyable. This April brought us the advent of Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke, upbeat & underprivileged songs accompanied by an actual organ ever 1st and 3rd Thursday at Vermillion. If you hang around CHS Blog or Cal Anderson Park, you already know that Rock Box will be bringing Japanese-style booth karaoke to the neighborhood sometime this fall. And now that Highline is settled in on Broadway, they've brought back Cake-arokee from the purgatory it languished in after the close of its previous location, Squid and Ink. This particular karaoke event tonight (June 15th), and will occur every Tuesday night from 10am til closing time in perpetuity.

So, ok, FFOK sounds amazing. We'll see how the rest of them turn out.

Holy Christ, it's been awhile

Sorry about that guys. Between writing for CHS Blog, Metrix:Create Space, All Things Cupcake (see sidebar for links) and getting ready for grad school I haven't had a lot of time for Life on the Hill. Which is wrong. How could I abandon my sweet little blog baby that way?! In the next few somewhat less hectic weeks, I will endeavor to rectify this grievous error.