Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Karaoke is the new cupcake?

With all the new karaoke nights and venues that have been popping up in the neighborhood this year, I'm starting to feel like karaoke is going to be the new cupcake: nice, but far more popular than it is enjoyable. This April brought us the advent of Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke, upbeat & underprivileged songs accompanied by an actual organ ever 1st and 3rd Thursday at Vermillion. If you hang around CHS Blog or Cal Anderson Park, you already know that Rock Box will be bringing Japanese-style booth karaoke to the neighborhood sometime this fall. And now that Highline is settled in on Broadway, they've brought back Cake-arokee from the purgatory it languished in after the close of its previous location, Squid and Ink. This particular karaoke event tonight (June 15th), and will occur every Tuesday night from 10am til closing time in perpetuity.

So, ok, FFOK sounds amazing. We'll see how the rest of them turn out.

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