Friday, July 10, 2009

UPDATED Belated Happy Friday Tidings

It looks like we have another entertaining Cap Hill summer weekend in store. Besides the Steampunk Swampmeet (SO AMAZING-TOTALLY GOING), the most amusing thing I've seen so far is this Saturday's possible convergence of nakey cyclists and Shakespeare in the Park. Am I intrigued by the possible collision of new theater and old theatre? Or do I just find it funny that classical theater-goers may be in for some nudity out of left field (literally)?

Speaking of entertaining happenings in Volunteer Park - just read The Stranger's bit on Waterlines, a performance piece by Stokley Towes about drinking water. It's staged in an office trailer behind the Seattle Asian Art Museum. It sounds like good performance art: creative, evocative, playful, relevant. Since I missed this week's performances (it runs Wed. - Fri., 7pm), I'll just have to wander for the second run next week. I'll tell you how it goes.

ONE MORE THING I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT RIGHT NOW: Home Alive is having a benefit concert tomorrow. If you don't mind heffing over to West Seattle, and you have some free time, you should go. Home Alive is good people and they could use the money.

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