Monday, July 20, 2009

In Local News

+ Don't you just love Light Rail? The Stranger does, you can guess what the Seattle Transit Blog thinks of it (hint: I'm surprised none of them got arrested for indecent activities with public transit property in public), and the aforementioned both say that Seattle Times is being too mean to their sweet baby. All in all, it looks like the public is siding with The Stranger and STB, big surprise there. Three cheers for public transit!

+ Follow the District 5 (that's us!) School Board Forum online, cuz it's a little bit late to attend it now.

+ The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - saving you from STDs since 1979 and ATM robberies on Capitol Hill since this weekend.

+ It's that time of year again, boys and girls - The Stranger is accepting submissions (emissions? transmissions?) for Hump! 5, the world's largest amateur porn film festival! You have until September 21st to create your five minutes of sweet, sweet amateur lovin'.

+ Ice Cream Party for Great City Seattle at Molly Moon's on Friday - sustainability and tasty dairy treats, hurray!

+ Coming right up: the Fairness Teach-in this Saturday at the Cap Hill Library, bright and early from 10 to noon. Unite for equality and learn more about legislation that affects the LGBTQ community.

+ It's cooommmiinnnnng....

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