Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tom Carr Hates Small Capitol Hill Businesses

When I read this week's Stranger, I was disappointed to find that Tom Carr's anti-nightlife crusade now has Faire Gallery and Cafe in its sights. Seriously, he couldn't find a cuter business and nicer people to poop on. I will be extremely upset if a delay in receiving a liquor license puts them out of business. Mr. Carr will have Nutella Mocha fans all over the Hill to answer to if that happens.

Note: Liz Drayton of Faire said it would really help out if all the Faire/Capitol Hill nightlife fans out there could write to or call Tom Carr's office telling him what a bad idea it is to keep Faire from getting a liquor license (it'll put a great place out of business, there's no reason to delay this, etc.). Mr. Carr's contact info is below.

Seattle City Attorney's Office

600 4th Ave., 4th Floor
PO Box 94769
Seattle, WA 98124-4769
Phone (206) 684-8200
TTY Phone (206) 233-7206
Fax (206) 684-8284

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