Saturday, August 8, 2009

Orcas Island Vacation Slides, Part 2

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Day one, we make it into East Sound. Gorgeous views, now with restaurants.

East Sound's lovely pebble beach. More shiny driftwood than you can shake a stick at (hee). Not pictured is the little island a couple hundred feet from shore you can walk out to in low tide. One of the things they say in the guidebooks is Orcas' unfortunate lack of public beaches. It's true - in our roaming around, this was pretty much it.

Saw this on a walk around town - "Here we use all parts of the driftwood".

Orcas Island's famous Crow Valley pottery, named after the valley on the island of the same name. Neat stuff, especially the little sake bottles you can see in the picture above, bottom right.

View from the front yard of the Sunflower Cafe. Good food, not too pricey, nice atmosphere. Unfortunately, only open till three in the afternoon. Still a great place to wile away the time with an iced tea and a game of Carcassone.

Even nicer was The Kitchen. The setup is a moderately sized cooking area, tiny indoor eating space, decent sized backyard with picnic tables, and an acre's worth of garden next door. Seriously - the entire neighboring lot was their garden. Freshest Thai food I've ever had - you could tell they just picked the veggies and they just made the noodles.

Besides tasty foods, the main attraction was watching all the little kids beeline it straight to the tree in the middle of the yard. If they were under ten, they wanted up that tree like nobody's business.

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