Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home again

I got home on Monday, which meant I got to have Tuesday off with the wonderful boyfriend. This was very, very nice after 5 days away (and most of them driving, eck).

SolFest was good times, though. Lots of good workshops, gorgeous grounds, and they had real bathrooms with relatively short lines, considering the crowds. The people that were there were really cool too - everybody was pretty mellow considering it was beastly hot and crowded. The major downside was the heat: 105 the first day and somewhere in the 90s the rest of the time

I had forgotten how hot it got in California in the summer after spending six years in a town where everyone flips out if it gets to the 70s. I rediscovered the glory of iced tea and I say unto you - a wet bandanna around my neck was my hope and my salvation. Those two things were basically all that was keeping me from heat stroke, and they worked damn well, too.

Ok, links of the day:

+ The Solar Living Institute, hosts and inventers of SolFest:
+ One of the most ridiculous news stories I have ever seen:

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