Monday, August 11, 2008

Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Arboretum

I finally got the chance to take part in the Arboretum's Japanese Tea Ceremony. They hold them during the summer in their tea house, and a couple of my friends and I have wanted to go since we found out about it.

It was a very peaceful and contemplative experience. Every move was choreagraphed, and has been for centuries. I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the most elaborate tea ceremony ever held, but after taking part, I begin to understand all the aesthetics, culture, and philososphy bound up with the tea.

I think the season's almost over, but you might still be able to buy tickets before they stop doing ceremonies for the year: The schedule at this site says they finished in June, but since I just went yesterday, I know they've extended the schedule. Give them a call to find out when the next one is and to buy tickets.

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