Saturday, August 30, 2008

PAX Notes

PAX is good times, my friends, good times.

Yesterday all we really caught was the concert, but since Freezepop was playing, that was enough. They started with Brainpower, played a song that is now my favorite stalker song ever (Stakeout?), and then their hand-held synth guy played a version of the National Anthem that would make Steve Rogers proud (if you don't know who that is, you don't read enough comic books).

Synth pop romance moment: when Freezepop slowed things down (with Lying Next to Me, I believe), they were greeted with a sea of electronic stars - everyone whipped out their cell phone or handheld and lit them up. It was nerdily gorgeous, and made me very happy.

Cons: none really, except that hardly anybody dances at geek concerts, so I was kind of alone on that one. Though my boyfriend thought I was cute.

Today was much more action packed. I got to sit in on a Female Gaming Communities panel. The message was that girls kick ass at gaming, but that gamer girls had to create all-female communities because there were a bunch of stupid asshole guys who didn't get that. There are plenty of cool supportive guys, but apparently they weren't as obnoxiously vocal.

Other than that, I ran into friends, played a little Rock Band, and wandered around a lot. I'll be heading back to catch tonight's concert (highlight: The Minibosses!) and maybe watch some nerdy movies. More later :)

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