Friday, April 10, 2009

Murray Franklyn Gave Us a Parking Lot

Rumor utterly confirmed: Dominic Holden's post in The Slog yesterday confirms the rumors - the developer Murray Franklyn isn't building anything on the lot on Pine between Summit and Belmont anytime soon. Not only that, but the former project manager, Wade Metz, doesn't work for MF anymore and company's new point person had no idea that the project even existed. Damn. I really didn't like Murray Franklyn before this for tearing down a block of awesome on Pine and for that ugly "keystone" building at the end of Broadway. But These guys are hacks.

PS The guy that Dominic talked to hadn't ever heard of The Stranger. Not reading it, I understand. But never heard of it? Murray Franklyn is in Bellevue, not Ohio.

PPS A commenter on The Slog had a great suggestion for the space - use it for our own purposes. Picnic anyone? If you're interested in reclaiming the space, if only temporarily, email

PPS I advise writing angry emails and letters to Murray Franklyn about their terrible treatment of Capitol Hill. If you decide to make phone calls, please don't yell at the receptionist - he or she has nothing to do with this and is just trying to pay the rent.

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