Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pho Goth and DIE

Goths, despite our anti-social reputation, like hanging out with friends just like anybody else. And we've had less of a chance to do so ever since the delightfully dark Aurafice Cafe closed and was replaced by the hipster hangout Stumptown (mind you, I'm not hatin' on Stumpy, but I miss my goth coffee).

I finally got to see the SeaGoth crowd outside the Merc last night for the first time in ages courtesy of Pho Goth and DIE*, a black clad meetup at Pho 900 arranged by the lovely Tara (who just happens to know everyone because she works at the Mercury). Around 20 people converged on the place at 7:30, and they were all still there when I showed up at 8:30. It was great - everybody was talking and laughing and making super-nerdy jokes, and there was total chaos because the staff was trying to cope with 20 different orders and bills at once.

Pho was such a smashing success that Tara's going to make it a monthly occurance on whichever Tuesday of the month works best. Hurray!

* DIE is member's night at the Merc.

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