Thursday, April 30, 2009

PSA: Factory Farm Flu

  • I finally found the New Scientist article that talks about the factory farm origins of our present potentially-pandemic swine flu.
  • No more omelettes for breakfast, we need the eggs for flu vaccine.
  • Erica C. Barnett provides good advice on face masks, as well as a picture of the recommended model.
  • SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hot guys in flu masks
  • Another IMPORTANT UPDATE: The advantages and disadvantages to using a N95 disposable respirator (a model recommended by Erica Barnett and

    N95 respirator (filtering facepiece) $0.50-1.20
    • Reduces exposure to small inhalable particles and large droplets.• Designed to form a tight seal to the face.• Filtration efficiency certified.
    • Cannot be decontaminated, may be shortages during a pandemic.• Must be fit-tested to assure full protection.• Cannot be worn with facial hair that interferes with the seal between the face and respirator.• Harder to breathe through than a facemask.• Not designed to be used in surgery.

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