Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures from The Cabiri's 10th Birthday

Here are the pictures of The Cabiri 10th Anniversary show in Cal Anderson Park last Friday, with photographer's commentary:

The Waiting Crowds

The Amazing Daedalus, the star of the show

The Amazing Aerialist in his role as a shaman killing extraneous heavenly bodies (Siberian folktale).

The next few pictures are some behind the scenes shots. One of the benefits of having a show in an open venue is that you can get all the way around the stage without pissing anyone off.

The man on the stringed instrument is James Whetzel, a delightfully funky local musician.

The colorfully dressed ladies above are members of Radost, a Seattle-based folk ensemble.

These are the streggae, or the Malandante, destructive supernatural creatures that roam the Italian countryside sowing chaos in their wake. There was a great moment in the piece where they tear the shit out of a "field" of corn.

This guy is the Red King, a local performance artist. He did his own thing during the Malandante piece, being generally creepy, ritualized and alchemical. He was great.

I am very proud of this shot.

The following are from the Hecate dance, based on The Cabiri's interpretation of a ritual to the three-faced goddess of the crossroads between the living and the dead.

Look at what's on the stool - the old egg into the beaker trick! I totally saw that on Billy Nye!

This last one is the only shot I have from the Dawn of Chu, a piece based on one of the Chinese creation myths. One of the disadvantages of an outdoor performance in the evening is that eventually, you lose the light.

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