Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Gamma Ray Games

After a long drought, Capitol Hill will get one of the things it's been sorely lacking - a gaming store. Gamma Ray Games is scheduled to open its doors this June on the 400 block of E Pine St. I'm going to have to scope out the block to see where the storefront will be.

Mind you, I and my gaming buddies get a lot of our gaming supplies online. However, the arrival of Gamma Ray is still really exciting, especially since it sounds like it'll also be a gathering place for neighborhood geeks to meet and game. There hasn't been a gaming shop in Central Seattle like that since the old Wizards of the Coast place in the U District, and that's been gone since before I came to Seattle.

UPDATE: I have been reminded my a friendly commenter of The Dreaming in the U District - sorry Aaron, you and your shop are the awesome. I only hope that Gamma Ray can live up to your shining example.

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  1. What about The Dreaming up in the U-District? I know it's mainly a comic shop, but Aaron's got a lot of great stuff floating around in there, and he does special orders.