Friday, September 4, 2009

Geek of the Week special edition: PAX is here!

PAX is this weekend! And while I can't attend (sigh), I can still celebrate its coming by drooling on the sidelines. On my way to work I saw signs on all the Convention Center doors announcing that PAX is completely and utterly sold out (which is news enough to make it on the front page of the Puget Sound Business Journal). On coffee break I walked by a block-long line in Freeway Park for PAX goody bags. 60,000 geeks from all around the country...on one hand, wow. On the other, holy crap that's crowded.

But maybe not too crowded to make my way over for this - @seattlegeekly: Please RT! Tweetup at #pax09 on Saturday 9/5 at Caffé Dior lvl 1 in the convention center 11:30am. Come get buttons! #fb

This reminds me - I recently got my monthly sales email from ThinkGeek, which is always worth taking a look at so I can see all the shiny new nerd toys they just got in. There was one so ridiculous that I need to share it with you. Two words: Tac Bac.

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