Monday, September 21, 2009

Park(ing) Day - Live at Central Park Seattle Pictures

I can finally put some pictures up because of the wonders of Flickr and the generosity/quick postings of a person I only know as gravitysalad. I did take pictures on Park(ing) Day, but since it wasn't my central goal for the event there are a lot of things/ interesting shots that I missed. This wasn't so for gravitysalad, bless their little heart, thus I can finally present some pretty pictures of the day.

One puzzle - who the hell is this person? There are some shots of gravitysalad's I remember being taken, but for the life of me I can't picture the person who took them. I'm blaming the long hours and the hot sun for that. Anyway, if anyone knows who it was who took these lovely pictures, please tell me so I can thank them and invite them to all of the Council's future events (their camera is invited too :D).

The grand view of Park(ing) Day Central Park. 4-Play Park, winner of the Most Playful Park award, is in the foreground. The fact that a group of Portland design professionals came all the way up to Capitol Hill just to make that innuendo made me very happy.

Here you can see the elusive 12 Hr Notice, a DJ that recently rolled onto the neighborhood scene with only his beats and a shopping cart.

Here's one of the pictures that I swear I remember someone taking, but I can't remember who it was. Argh. It's one of the shots I'm especially grateful for - lots of people activating the space and me looking useful explaining something. It's kind of hard to get pictures like that when you're the only one manning the booth.

A collection of sites at an event like this was bound to get some high concept parks - Park(ing) Day Central Park was no exception. Above is the sign for Brite Collective's contribution, Negative Space. Their spot boasted vegan cookies and creating your own map of the city (with markers!), but I think they got their picture taken so often because of their sign and its placement. The angle of the light made for an especially clever picture, too- one that I took that I'm actually in.

Speaking of high-concept, here's the winner of this year's Park(ing) Day Seattle Prize: air-stream by Signal to Noise. This is what happens when you ask design professionals to define a park. It's a lot more personable when you add people to it, especially if they're under 5 years of age and apt to treat the whole thing as a modified ballpit. This happened more than once during the day. It was very cute.

I was so amused that the Capitol Hill Community Council park got picked as a backdrop for KOMO that I just had to get a picture. In order to do that, I had to walk right behind Denise Whittaker as they were shooting, hence why you can see me briefly in KOMO's Park(ing) Day video below. Please note the elegant demeanor and the "sash of state".


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