Saturday, September 5, 2009

PAX 09: What a way to spend a Saturday

I headed down to the Convention Center this morning for the Seattle Geekly Tweetup thinking that I'd be there for a cup of coffee and then head back home. I got up the hill at about 7pm. This has been the longest day I had at PAX without actually being at PAX.

The SG Tweetup was lovely - Shannon and Matt were great hosts, all the folks at the Tweetup were geeky and nice, and Caffe Dior makes something addictively tasty with milk and ginger called Royal Tea. There was also a lovely, lovely woman from Wizards of the Coast there who gave us all D&D goodies. It was kind of like geek Christmas.

After that I wandered the halls playing games. I got a chance to try out Munchkin Cthulu (hilarious) and Living Labyrinth by Bucephalus Games (adorable), and played a couple of rounds of Fluxx with some friends (still confusing). All in all, a lovely day.

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