Friday, September 18, 2009

UPDATED Park(ing) Day - Live at Central Park Seattle has been quite a day. We had visits from KOMO, Mike O'Brien, Sally Bagshaw, Seattle Post-Globe (i.e. Kery Murakami). Also, many small children and assorted residents. Hollow Earth Radio is here with their confession tent, a bunch of architects went conceptual and made an Air Park (huge hit with the kids), 12-Hour Notice is down the way playing music out of a shopping cart, Webster Crowell is here with his start-up seltzer company, and of course the Community Council's "Paradise Unpaved" park is gorgeous.

Pictures will come when I get some more time and a better internet connection. Totally looking forward to the Toy Box Trio's concert later this afternoon, and the awards ceremony tonight :)

UPDATE: My pictures and the KOMO video of the "Paradise Unpaved" park are over at the UP Blog. Also, here's the listing of the Park(ing) Day Seattle Prize winners - congrats to Signal to Noise for coming in first! (Sorry, still too tired to post twice.)

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