Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Fun

I got up ridiculously early so I could hit the Paramount's Inauguration Day Party before I went to work. I ended up at the theater at a quarter after seven, figuring that since there were so many parties planned and the Paramount was so big that I would be able to walk right in. Nuh-uh. The line went up Pine, turned down Boren, and then went down Pike for half a block. Holy crap.

I ran into a friend of mine while I was making my way up the line (Bless you, Schteevie!), so I did get to see some of the action on the big screen before I had to put in my punchcard. There was still room on the inside, but it was getting full fast.
And man, was that an enthusiastic crowd. Every time Obama's likeness or name showed up on the screen, there was cheering. Heck, there was cheering when we could see his silhouette right before he came out to the limo to make his way to the Inauguratoin Stage. When Cheney came out of the White House to the limo, there was booing...lots of booing. I think he got booed more than Bush did.

That's what I got to stay to see. At work, we tried to get a live feed so we could show it on a project in our conference room, but that was a no-go. Cuz, you know, everyone and their second cousin was online watching this thing. We finally did get a feed on someone's computer, so I got to see the swearing-in live, then we listened to his speech on the radio. It was so cute when he couldn't remember what to repeat back to the swearing-in guy!

I was so excited that I didn't really hear half of Obama's speech. I'll just have to be a fangirl and listen to the whole thing over again once I get home tonight.


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