Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the cheap

I'm a big believer in a cheap good time. Seeing that we're in a recession and all, I thought I'd share some of my finds in the hope that everyone can save some money and maybe even keep some local establishments in business.
  1. Twice Sold Tales Winter Happy Hour (Harvard and Denny)- Used bookstores are always good times when you have no money - they let you sit around and read forever, and you might just be able to afford the book you got so interested in. Now add cats and a 25% off all books for the last two hours Twice Sold is open (6-8pm Sunday through Thursday, 8-10pm Friday & Saturday). Delightful.

  2. Central Basics Program at Madison Market (Madison and 16th) - After getting a lot of feedback from its members, Madison Market decided to start Central Basics: starting this month, the co-op will regularly rotate deeply discounted organic food staples. The only catch is that you need to be a member of the co-op to take advantage of the discount. Considering that lifetime membership is $60, you can pay as you go along in $5 increments, and I just got 89 cent organic beans today, I think it's worth it to sign up.

  3. Meditation Satsang @ 8 Limbs Yoga (Summit and Pike) - Every Thursday from 8:30 - 9:30pm. From the website:"Satsang means a gathering of people seeking "sat", truth. Join Natasha for meditation, chanting, and lots of bhakti, devotion." Meditation is good for you, learning more about meditation is good for you, meeting nice mellow new people is good for you. Also, it's free.

  4. The International District - The contrast between Cap Hill, Downtown and the ID is much sharper than between, say, Ballard, Fremont and Wallingford. This means I can get away from the Hill and Downtown (where I spend all my time) without even having to take a bus. Also, cheap food all around - restaurants, produce, you name it. (Kinokuniya doesn't count.) I recommend the Green Leaf on Maynard, Hong Kong Homestyle Barbecue on King, and all the indy markets on Jackson.

  5. Volunteer Park Conservatory (Volunteer Park) - It's a very, very nice place to visit on a Seattle winter's day. The conservatory is nice and warm, it's full of lush plants, and now there's even a sound sculpture installed in one of the rooms that sounds like wind chimes.

  6. Seattle Free School (all over Seattle)- Community members learn new skills and teach others new skills, and money never changes hands. Learn how to keep bees! Learn how to keep chickens! Learn how to keep a straight face while improvising!
  7. Williams-Sonoma Complimentary Cooking Classes (U Village and Pacific Place locations) - I stopped by the U Village store during the Snowpocalypse and picked up a flyer listing all kinds of technique and cooking classes that are coming up in January and February. A few examples: Braising Basics, Simple Desserts, Breakfast Essentials, Fabulous Flavors of Slow Cooking. Nom? Nom. Call the location you want to go to in order to RSVP - tiny free classes fill up fast.

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