Friday, January 30, 2009


I can't believe I found this candy. Marketed for Valentine's Day, of all things. What were the marketing people at Lotte thinking? "Hey, nothing says love like a high school student trying to put their fingers in your butt! Right?" Well, this is Seattle...

My guess is that they never read Gaijin Smash, so they have no idea how funny this is. I have to thank them for that - it made my day.

Special Bonus Feature: Kancho Demonstration Video by Naruto

P.S. Why? Why is it so cute?! Is this candy a diabolical scheme by Japanese high school students to deceive Americans into thinking a kancho is a delicious chocolate-filled cookie snack? Can you imagine the horror and betrayal some naive young teacher would feel when they learned the (painful) truth!?

P.P.S. "Would you like a kancho, sensei?" THE HORROR!

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