Saturday, November 29, 2008

December 10th - Day Without A Gay

I saw a sign for this on Broadway, and I couldn't resist looking it up and seeing what it was about. This is what says about itself:
This page was started by a couple of concerned homos but is really just a liaison to organizations that know what they're doing. Your volunteer work will help mobilize existing non-profits so that we're ready to fight even harder moving forward for a better Gay America.
I like this idea: GLBTQs and friends call in "gay" and spend the day volunteering for GLBTQ-supporting nonprofits. This gives gay the connotation of socially conscious and socially indispensable, it channels frustration and anger toward constructive work, and it reminds everyone that denying the right to marry to homosexual couples is pissing a lot of good people off. Eat that, homophobes.

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