Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That reminds me....

This adorable lolcat reminds me: I had a nifty Capitol Hill Halloween which I have completely neglected to write about.

First off, I was a Lolcat this year, big surprise. My outfit was completed by a present I got from The Stranger - their cover with the Obama style kitten graphic complete with the caption "Cute". Some cutting and pasting, adding "you can has beleefs in", and voila, lolcat caption. Sadly, a surprising amount of people (especially those over 35) have no idea what lolcats are. Presumably because they don't spend far, far too much time on the internet.

Secondly, a mob of us went Reverse Trick-or-Treating down Broadway again this year. What is that, you ask? Twenty-somethings getting all dressed up, walking around on Broadway, and giving people candy while we yell "Reverse Trick-or-Treat!!" Some people are delighted by our altruism, others are suspicious, and there are plenty who have no idea what the fuck we're doing. Good times.

I got rid of all my thrift store prizes fast and we all had to stop to reload at QFC half-way through. I think we did a lot better this year because there were more of us - better coverage, and it gave passersby the idea we were doing some kind of flash mob/ art student thing.

Favorite moments:

+ Giving a stuffed Dem-donkey to a tiny cute baby in a stroller. His/her parents seemed really happy that somebody had a baby friendly treat on hand.

+ Treat-bombing the Starbucks at the end of Broadway. The baristas thought we were really nice.

+ Giving another Dem-donkey to a nice lady wearing an Obama pin at the aforementioned Starbucks. It seemed so appropriate. She seemed to think so too :)

+ Having twenty-somethings get really happy that they had just received a shotglass as a Halloween treat.

We hauled our footsore costumed selves over to Oasis because our primary destination of Bimbo's Cantina was packed tighter than the Showbox was when Obama won (this is only true because Bimbo's is very tiny). Worked out ok because there was actually room for the nine of us at one table, and we got to sit next to an enormous window and watch the Hill parade by in their Halloween attire.

Costumed awesomeness:

+ Our very own Lock, Shock and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The masks were hand-made by Lock, because he's just that cool.

+ We also had our very own RickRoll. It was amazing - he dressed up like Rick Astley and had an iPhone in his shirt pocket that played "Never Gonna Give You Up" on a loop. It was even funnier when he walked up to people, started dancing around, and the rest of us waited for them to realize they'd been RickRolled LIVE.

By the way, that makes two internet memes out of nine costumes. We're just that cool.

+ Also in our party - Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. It was great. Sadly, far too many people have not seen that amazingly cheesy movie with a great soundtrack by Queen.

+ Tom Servo, the bubblegum machine headed robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000. That one gave me a nerdgasm.

+ Someone was dressed up in a robot costume from The Flight of the Conchords music video "The Humans are Dead". Talk about meta. Also, nerdgasm.

+ A group of Waldos from the Where's Waldo series. They looked so cute in their little red and white stocking caps with a bobble on top!

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