Monday, November 10, 2008

Now that I've gotten everything else I wanted for Christmas

After all the Obamarama, I want to reflect a moment on all the other liberal-pinko-commie wins that happened on election night. We have levies for everything, Washingtonians now have the right to physician-assisted suicide, Dino Rossi didn't become governor, and Dems now have the majority in Congress. I still feel like I got my Christmas presents early.

Now I think I'd like to ask for one more thing this holiday season: a new mayor. I haven't been fond of Mayor Nickels ever since he backed the tunnel option to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct. And then there's been all this "I haven't met a developer I didn't like" business. But Greg Nickels' recent comments on Nickelsville brought things to a whole new level.

Nickelsville may have started as a statement, but it quickly became a statement inhabited by a self-organized tent community peopled by the houseless. The city's made Nickelsville move several times, but those bright pink tents are here to stay. At least until they bring in the cops adain ... or we solve our lack-of-housing-for-the-poor problem.

Nickels reply to all this: Nickelsville is clearly peopled by homelessness advocates, not actual people who have no homes. Damn. I mean, City Council's figured it out. Why can't you?

The interview where Mayor Nickels makes his out of touch statements on Nickelsville can be found here.

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