Thursday, November 27, 2008

Your Park Needs YOU

On the heels of Michelle Eggers well-timed Seattle City Stimulus article on the CHS blog, I decided to write on of my own: Capitol Hill (Park) Stimulus. Sadly, there was a major economic downtown right after we the community learned that without $158K, all we'd get at John and Summit would be a lawn. So we're (well, Parks is) still short $158K. And like I said in my article, we need everyone's help to raise it.

What does that mean? Well, if you have money, donate some - you can find a paypal link at the "Friends of" site for John and Summit, Unpaving Paradise. If you have friends and acquaintances, tell them about the John and Summit dilemma and see if they can pitch in. If you (or your friends) have time, volunteer. We can always use help planning fundraising events, putting up posters, getting the word out, etc. Just bug me and the other UP volunteers at and we'll get you in the loop.

If you have none of these things, I feel bad for you and hope that you can at least get some friends very soon.

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