Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sucks to your asthmar

I was just looking at the front page of the local section in the Times, minding my own business, and then Danny Westneat has to go and remind me that some people are still high on the viaduct.

Damnit, Frank Chopp! I left Southern California because all we had were malls and freeways. Now you want to make a mile-long-elevated-mall-freeway sandwich right on the waterfront. Even Southern California has enough sense not to put those two together!

{Just putting two things together does not make it better! This is not like a pancake wrapped around a sausage link - it is not delicious!}

The other viaduct options are not bitter pills! I long for the sweet relief of a waterfront boulevard. Beautiful views, a rejuvenated waterfront...and heck, for me, less car traffic just means a break for my belabored asthmatic lungs.

Apparently, though, it doesn't matter what I (or the the City Council) thinks - Frank Chopp wants a FreeMallWay, whether we like it or not.

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