Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A fine way to spend a vacation

Saunatina Sanchez, a friend and fellow community organizer, has admirable vacation plans and she's inviting interested parties to join her:

As some of you may know, I scheduled a vacation for June 30-July 5 to visit my brother for his birthday (Happy B-day Padro!) and to visit family over the fourth. While I would still like to do this, I have decided that this time could be better spent petitioning our government for equal rights for gay and lesbian citizens.

I have decided to change my itinerary and fly to DC for that week and stand outside the White House gates from sun-up to sun-down, peacefully holding banners with quotes of the president's expressing his support for gay rights. It would be nice if I could recruit others into this, and I'm gonna try, but I'm willing to be there by myself for the week.

Of course, this means my trip is gonna cost me more than the trip to LA was gonna, and I was hoping some of you, my friends and family, would be willing to support me in this cause. I'm not asking for a lot- maybe $10 or $20 for food and to pay for a hostel (if I can't get a couch to crash on). And everything I don't use for the trip, I would donate to Lambda Legal to continue the fight. I'm tired of being dismissed as a wedge issue by the Democratic party who are supposed to be on our side. I am ready to stand up and challenge our government. Please stand with me.

Anyone interested in joining or sponsoring Sauntina's trip can contact her at saunatina(at)gmail(dot)com.

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