Friday, June 5, 2009

Supporting Local Businesses, One Blog Post at a Time

I finally got a chance to visit Gamma Ray Games with my boyfriend tonight. Since it was ten at night and pretty quiet, we had a chance to talk for awhile with the owner, Eric. It sounds like the store's going to get even more exciting over the next few months: Scrabble Nights, Leif Erickson Day (Columbus was so not here first), and they're going to be a PAX satellite location in August. Not to mention more inventory is soon to come, and maybe even snacks (!).

Another awesome thing Eric mentioned: they got a ton of survey traffic and first day foot traffic due to none other than CHS blog! Before the post - three survey hits. After the post - 1,650. Apparently we really are that geeky, jseattle. Sometimes all it takes to give the local economy a boost is some good new-fashioned information sharing - three cheers for the blogs! (hup hup huzzah!)

In the spirit of encouraging local business by writing a blog post, allow me to direct your attention to the greatest little gym on the Hill that nobody knows about - Urban-Fit on Boylston near Pine. They moved up the hill a few months ago from Belltown. When they first came into the neighborhood I got to talk to the owner Osiris. Very cool guy (he's the one in the picture on the website).

His vision for the gym is to be membership based, a small pool of about 200 members. Along with a convenient location and exercise machines for every muscle group in your body, the first three months of membership also come with free sessions with one of the gym's physical trainers. (That plus no giant windows for everyone on the street to stare at you through makes it a very attractive gym for newbies like me) I think the monthly fee was $45, but I heard that he may have reduced the price to $30 for a limited time only.

So, the moral of the story is "read local (blogs) - buy local (stuff)".

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