Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You don't need a yard to have a garden

The Right of Way/ Harvard Ave. Collective Garden just got some attention from the local blogs. I hope these articles motivate some more neighborhood green thumbs to repeat ROW's success, especially because it isn't terribly hard to get something like this started. ROW started with a Craigslist post in February and five months later we've got an abundance of salad greens with squash, potatoes, peas, etc. in the making.

You too can find a neglected parking strip or traffic circle, test the soil inexpensively (University of Massachusetts Lab, BTW), get some seeds and get started. The main challenge with ROW, and I think it will be the same with most guerilla gardens on the Hill, is watering during the summer. And this can be solved with a wagon and gallon milk jugs (or your strong shoulders, whichever you prefer).

Locavores, organic vegetable lovers, green thumbs - you do not need a yard to have a garden. Start your guerilla/victory garden today.

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