Friday, October 23, 2009

Even Localler: Ads now available on Life on the Hill from Instiads

I've been doing Google ads for awhile now, but they've been fairly unsatisfactory. As a hyperlocal blog, I want hyperlocal ads, right? Instead I get randomized selections of advertisements from the Google bin based on keywords from my latest blog posts. Luckily, they pull up a lot of Seattle stuff, but sometimes I get weird picks...I may write about the Seattle city attorney, but I'm pretty sure no one is coming to my site to find ads about Seattle lawyers.

So when Justin of Capitol Hill Seattle Blog started talking about a system that would let me sell my own ads to local businesses, I asked where to sign up. InstiAd's has a setup a lot like the ads on CHS blog - once the blog owner has an account, buyers can go to that blog's InstiAd site and make their own ads whenever they want. You can find my InstiAd account here. I can guarantee a focused audience (geek, green, Capitol Hill) for low, low prices. You know, if you're interested.

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