Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spirit of the Hill in Pictures

I got there right at six and Poppy was packed. Luckily Hong and Razz and I found a nice little table with a good view of the room.

Barefoot Wines donated the red, white and bubbly - I was fond of the champagne and the white they served, but the red was a little too tart for me.

Everyone else had roasted black cod, but I called vegetarian so I got the salad course instead. I was only a little jealous - the vinaigrette balanced nicely with the walnuts and the figs in the salad. Though I wasn't so sure how I felt about the little berries.

Chanterelle, Leek and Chard Lasagna - the slices between layers aren't noodles, but thin little slices of parmesan. I am presently drooling just remembering it.

Herb Gnudi (ricotta dumplings) with King Bolete Mushrooms - again with the salivation. This was so very rich I was not at all envious of the meat-eaters option, Lavender Crusted Duck Breast with Lavender Sauce.

I did try a little of the mushroom majoram bread pudding and the sage roasted delicata squash. Freakin' amazing.

Dark chocolate terrine with ginger, sesame and pine nut - world's fanciest brownie. Also, chocolate nirvana. I think there was some cayenne pepper in there too.

Our lovely tablemate Lisa with her raffle winnings, six bottles of wine hand-picked by the Chamber board members.

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