Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Opening - Metrix: Create Space

After this month's Capitol Hill Community Council meeting and a quick stop at "Dead Stay Dead" at Cafe Metropolitain (more on those later), I finally got a chance to visit Metrix: Create Space's grand opening. The quick way to describe it is Best Crafty Geek Basement Ever. It's a little bare since they're still working on decor, but they've made a good start with the art they've already got up on the walls. And anyway, it's really about the geek tools, of which they have an impressive array at decent hourly rates.

The only slightly negative thing I have to say is pretty peripheral- it would be nice if their coffee didn't come from a push button machine. That said, it's not like you can't just walk upstairs and find real espresso within spitting distance. And who knows, maybe some folks will think it gives the place some extra geeky atmosphere.

Anyway, congrats to owner Matt Westervelt, and may we see many crafty endeavors enabled by you soon.

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