Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Speaking of crafty - Metrix Create:Space

Jeanine of the Capitol Hill Arts Walk tipped me off to the arrival of Metrix Create:Space on the Hill via Twitter (here's her full write-up on CHS Blog). It'll open up on Oct. 15th in the basement of 623 Broadway E., which'll make them next door neighbors to the Museum of Mysteries. I've never heard of the like of it before - it looks like the love child of an indy coffeeshop and a crafter's co-working space. They'll have all kinds of crafty tools available for use: sewing machines, soldering irons, laser cutting services and even a MakerBot. Wowzers. I feel compelled to investigate.

(picture courtesy of Metrix Create:Space wiki)


  1. Yes! Investigate! I get to come back to Seattle for a visit in November and I need to check out all the cool new spaces.

  2. I'm glad I stumbled across your Twitter feed, since this sounds pretty damn cool... (Like a smaller version of TechShop.) I've been wondering why Seattle lacked exactly such a space.