Friday, October 2, 2009

I Heart (Affordable) Massage - Introducing Casey Shea

I am a huge fan of massage, but it has sadly gone on the list of "things that the recession won't let me do anymore". So when I was heading out of 8 Limbs Yoga on Pike and I saw a massage chair with a "free chair massage" sign next to it, I was hooked. When I got a massage, my next thought after :D was "Hello, new best friend!"

The kind and generous soul giving away massages was Casey Shea, a long-time masseuse who's recently started practicing at 8 Limbs (they have a massage room, who knew?). Since she's new to doing business in the neighborhood, she's been doing free chair massages as a way to drum up business. Best. Advertising. Ever.

Not only is Casey good at what she does, but she's got really reasonable prices too: $55/60 min., $70/75, and $15 off your first massage. For now, Casey's just working at 8 Limbs on Fridays from 2-8pm. You can get ahold of her at caseyshea(at) or at 360-820-2279 and 360-671-4489. Here's to massages that poor Hill kids can afford.

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