Sunday, October 5, 2008

Environmental Restoration is Fun

I got to go on my first dig-in-the-dirt field trip of the season, and for once, I didn't have to drive. Green Footprints Action Works hosted a work party this Saturday at 25th and Harrison at what they're calling the "Harrison Wet Spot". It's a designated wetland, but for now, the Green Footprints name is more accurate.

I spent most of the time excavating concrete slab that used to be a driveway, but now is simply a nuisance buried under six inches of soil. Those with more upper body strength than I (thank you Eric, Randy and sons) hefted a sixteen pound hammer and broke the said nuisance into removable chunks. Those not engaged in concrete-oriented activities laid down cardboard and woodchips for weed control. Sigh...good times.

Work parties for the Harrison Wet Spot are every first Saturday :D Guess who'll be there next month. If you want more info, contact the wonderful, wonderful organizer Eileen at

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