Friday, October 17, 2008

He represents YOU

In case you missed the hubbub, Dennis Saxmann is the East District (i.e. our) representative on the Neighborhood Plan Advisory Council (NPAC). The council consists of neighborhoods and city department representatives and will the mayor's office on how to run the Neighborhood Plan Updates. Dennis is so committed to being inclusive and getting neighborhood feedback that's he's said I can give out his email address: peregrin(at)isomedia(dot)com. If you want to tell him how you think the Updates should be run or you want more info on the process, he's your man.

It's good to hear that Dennis is to committed to gathering input, because it sounds like the City isn't. I don't think many people outside of community activist circles have heard much about the Updates or how the process will be developed. It's also been notoriously difficult for the City to get the word out - they'll send out some postcards, put it up on a City website, post it in the libraries and that's it. Then there's the fact that the Mayor's office would like to see the Nickels agenda pushed through, and I know that most of the City bureaucrats want to avoid the grassroots chaos that is actual neighborhood involvement.

So, bully for Dennis - he's informed, he's cranky, he's committed, and he wants to represent you.

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