Sunday, October 5, 2008

Neighborhood Plan Update Update Update

Breaking news: the neighborhood district councils have until November 15th to pick out representative for the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee, not October 7th as previously reported by the Department of Neighborhoods. That's a little more like it.

From Chris Leman, City Neighborhood Council Chair:

On Sept. 22, the City Council passed Res. 31085, creating a Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee. Thanks to strong advocacy from neighborhoods throughout the City, the resolution empowers each of the 13 district councils to appoint one member of NPAC--a majority of its 24 members. Res. 31085 states that the district councils "will be responsible for selecting their own representatives to the NPAC." It also gives each district council the power to remove and replace their representative at any time.

Resolution 31085 can be found here or by going to and clicking on "resolutions" and then typing 31085.

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