Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Bar on the Hill

The Buck is adorable. The owners did a really good job of creating a Western nostalgia kitsch interior that's very cozy at the same time. Everything's covered in rustic wood paneling. They even have a tiny gas fireplace! I love it!

Not so rustic, but still nice - the big TVs showing Keith Olberman and other liberal pundits dissecting the Presidential Race. With captions. If there's a break in conversation, you can look up and see Keith making fun of the silly neocons.

Drinks and food are pricey, but good. In fact, the food is really good. The Happy Hour pizza is amazing. At 50 cents a slice, you can get a whole personal pizza for $4, which is cheapie. The service is really good too, which makes The Buck a rarity on the Hill.

The Buck's right across the street from Clever Dunne's, on Olive near Howell. They just opened up a few weeks ago, but they're already packed...which isn't that hard since the place is smaller than my apartment. But anyway, it's good to see that they've gotten popular.

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