Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neighborhood Plan Update....update

Just got this tasty treat in my inbox:

(sent, with District Council Chair Paul Stom's permission, in the absence of Jose Cervantes, by Andrew Taylor)

Dear East District Council members,

As you may recall, the City Council has passed a bill laying out a mechanism for updating Neighborhood Plans ( ).

Last Friday I received the message copied below, inviting community members to indicate to their District Councils if they would like to serve as that District's representative on the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee. There will be one representative from each of the 13 District Councils (and assorted other members).

You'll note that the invitation (received last Friday PM) gives us very little time to choose our representative [by 5pm on Tuesday, October 7th -thanks City of Seattle!-JJP]! I complained about the short time frame, to no avail.

East District Council member Dennis Saxman, whom many of you know as a very dedicated, involved and knowledgeable neighborhood volunteer, indicated that he would be happy to serve as the East District's representative.

I invite you (as East District Council members) to:

a) volunteer for the position yourself or

b) make other East District residents aware of the position

and c) indicate to me your opinion on Dennis Saxman's offer to serve on our behalf.

I will communicate your replies to East District Council Chair Paul Stom, and invite him to make the final decision.

I apologize for the unconventional nature of this communication, but the City's very short time frame (and the absence of Jose Cervantes on vacation) seemed to leave us no alternative.

Many thanks for your time and input,

Andrew Taylor
East District Council member

I believe the person to contact with your nomination is Sebhat Tenna, Strategic Outreach Advisor with the City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods - 206-733-9977, That's the only likely contact that I have an email and a phone number for, anyway - no such luck with Paul Stom.

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