Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More on the proposed Pike/Pine Conservation District

Developments continue apace concerning the Pike/Pine Conservation District. It looks like there will be a "[City] Council Public Workshop" on Oct. 14th that will "discuss the Draft Pike/Pine Action Plan". No news yet on what time or where the meeting will be held. Here's the rest of the timeline concerning the Conservation District from the City's website:

Council public workshop to discuss Draft Pike/Pine Action Plan October 14, 2008
DPD submits Pike/Pine Phase 1 legislation to Council November 2008
Council holds public hearing and votes Pike/Pine Phase 1 legislation First quarter 2009
DPD submits Pike/Pine Phase 2 legislation to Council Second quarter 2009
Council completes review of Pike/Pine Phase 2 legislation Third quarter 2009

As for posting the Conservation District Study or the proposed legislation - I've got them on PDF, but I've yet to discover a way to put up PDFs using any Blogger gadgets or options I've ever seen. Argh. Ideas, anyone?

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