Tuesday, December 16, 2008

22 Doors: Lemon Conjunction

I found out about 22 Doors upcoming all-staff art show when me and the housemates were up there for brunch this Sunday

(We braved ice and snow for their delicious breakfast foods!)

Our waitperson, Mandy, just happens to be the 22 Doors curator so she could tell us all about the amazingness that is Lemon Conjunction. Apparently, "the whole staff is pretty artistic in some way" (Mandy is a painter and printmaker herself), so it just made sense to put together a show of their work.

Lemon Conjunction
22 Doors Presents: Our Staff Show
Showing 12/15/08 - 1/15/09

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 6-9pm

Art by:

Trivia Question: What does Lemon Conjunction mean?

Answer: Nothing. Mandy said she was having trouble getting her colleagues to come up with a theme, so she asked two people to give her a word each.

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