Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Straight from the horse's mouth

I can't believe its already December. Sparkly lights season is upon us, and Christmas and New Year's are just around the corner. Among the plethora of community events the holidays bring is the Sound Transit Construction Preparation Meeting for the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station. Not terribly festive, but since construction on the Cap Hill Light Rail Station will be going on for years, I figure it's best to be prepared. The meeting's next Wednesday, December 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Seattle Central, Room 1110. If you don't make it, don't worry too much: this meeting is the first of many.

Speaking of demolition on the station site - turns out that Sound Transit's demolition contractor is looking into salvaging trees on the light rail station site all by itself. The contractor is working with Big Trees Inc. to evaluate the trees on the site and see if any are good candidates for moving to a new home. It looks like Big Trees only takes trees that are up to 30ft. tall, so that still means plenty of wood will be coming out of that site. Benches for John and Summit anyone?

Info meetings, tree salvages - next, signalized crosswalks on Olive and Denny? The bike and pedestrian arm of SDOT is still looking into it, so...maybe sometime next year. Hopefully before all those giant construction trucks show up.

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