Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Straight from the bulletin boards

The event-a-thon continues...well, actually begins this Saturday. For some reason December 6th is just jam-packed with holidays festivities. Here's the best from the posters and fliers:

The bulletin board bonanza starts out with the Holiday Health Fair at the Union Center for Healing (2100 E Union) from 11am - 4pm.

Why you should go: The Union Center for Healing is all cool and alternative and holistic, and I think they'll also be giving away free herbal tea.

South Park Arts is having the 'Art for Under $100' sale from 4-10pm down at the Old Fire House (8201 10th Ave S).

Why you should go: Affordable original art, tasty foods, and two art raffles an hour. Also, local gift shopping just in time for the holidays.

The Annie Bonny (the best little vintage store on Olive) is hosting the 'Bald Man Show' opening reception from 6-9pm.

Why you should go: Now we will finally get to meet the man who has been putting these funny little stickers up all over town.

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