Sunday, December 7, 2008

22 Doors

My boyfriend and I recently found ourselves a new favorite breakfast spot on the Hill. 22 Doors has been up on 15th Ave for a few years now, but I'd never been in since I tend to stay closer to home for bar food and brunch. Last Saturday my sweetie pie and I found ourselves wandering around in search of breakfast food - our first choice only did brunch on Sundays and the Coastal Kitchen was packed to the gills, as usual. 22 Doors was a block away, had tasty looking foods, and lo and behold - there were open tables.

We went back again this weekend because it was so good and so not crowded. Collectively, my significant other and I have had the cowboy beans, mushroom omelet, breakfast sandwich and the cheesy biscuit. All of them were great except for the breakfast sandwich, which was only so-so. Do you know which one was the best? The cheesy biscuit. I kid you not. I was expecting Velveeta with a name like that, but the creamy cheddar sauce is amazing and made with real cheddar.

The coffee is good, the wait people are quick and friendly, and the atmosphere is hip yet inviting. They even have a lovely open air courtyard for the summer and a little gas fireplace for the rest of the year.

The coolest thing about the decor is that a lot of it is salvaged. Their weirdly retro chandeliers are from a Red Lion Hotel and the booths are from a Chinese restaurant (nobody seemed to know which one). The bar is made up of the 22 doors the place is named after. They're all mahogany, and they came from one of the redecorations of the Camlin. It's irritating to think some dumbass would want to get rid of amazing doors like that, but I'm happy they found such a good home.

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  1. Eric and I love 22 Doors - we'll probably see you there at brunch one of these days :^)