Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sustainable Ballard Festival

Sustainable Ballard was a hoot. Yes, my experience was colored by my shift as a carnival barker, during which time I hollered at innocent passersby and danced with various incarnations of the Bag Monster. While wearing a plastic tutu. Volunteering with the Bring Your Own Bag Coalition - never a dull moment.

I am happy to report that the rest of the festival was also worth the forty minute bus ride. I spent a happy half hour perusing Re-Store's Booth of Wonderful Junk - I now have the beginnings of this year's amazing Halloween costume. I missed most of the cooking demonstrations, though I got to try some mighty tasty cider. And I was happy to discover that the Local Food Movement folks make nifty t-shirts, of which I bought two (they were that nifty).

There were other good things besides loot. Some of my favorite local organizations made an appearance: Washington Bus, City Light and their free CFLs, YES! Magazine, and People for Puget Sound. In the interests of full disclosure, yes, I did work for the last two at one point, but that just means I know that they're awesome inside and out.

If you couldn't make it this year, I'm sure they're going to have another one next year - if they've managed to pull it off five times, I think they can manage six. And you can see more pictures at the MyBallard blog.

Speaking of green festivals, Green October 2008 promises to make this coming month action packed. I was planning on going to the Seattle Bioneers conference anyway, but I guess I'll see what else I can fit in.

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