Sunday, February 22, 2009

Erica Barnett Explains It All

It took two very long blog posts, but I think I finally understand what 50 units per acre looks like. And it doesn't look too bad, density-wise. Read Ms. Barnett's Dense Thinking for the best explanation I've found so far of what the hell HB 1490 would actually do to urban areas in which a light rail station is built.

Post two is Ms. Barnett's account of the official kerfuffle meeting, I mean HB 1490 workshop held on Feb. 18th at Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center.

P.S. Three things that are immediately apparent from article the second:
1) Erica Barnett is a huge policy nerd (hot)
2) Erica Barnett has absolutely no patience for John Fox and friends (can't say I blame her)
3) Erica Barnett has a lot of practice explaining policy to the unwashed masses/ The Stranger's readership (also hot)

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