Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will You Have a Roomate for the Rest of Your Life?

If you're a hippie like me (or an artist, barrista, non-profit worker, etc.), signs point to yes. But, as Alternet points out, it's better than living in a boarding house or with your employer. Also, if you're a really big hippie, there's the option of living in a collective of one type or another. (Sigh...I can only dream...)

Now, it's not as if I'm dreaming of a big house in the burbs, but I admit I'd like to own the place I live someday. Maybe a townhouse with a little yard, or a condo in one of those cute little bungalow developments from last century. That said, would I mind having roommates to share the mortgage with? Depends on the roommates.

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