Monday, February 2, 2009

Write-in Candidate

Capitol Hill currency, after a fashion, has officially debuted on the Capitol Hill Community Council Wiki and CHS blog.

How it works: Cap Hill notes would act as 10% coupons at participating businesses: all a biz would have to do is post a bill in the window to advertise that they accepted the discount. Anyone could reproduce the bills, so local stores and restaurants and organizations could make them to bring business to the Hill.

Simple, local, self-replicating. What more do you need? An iconic image to put on the bill.

CHS blog has put it out for a vote, but I think the options presented are only so-so. So here's my suggestion for a write-in candidate: the Black Sun Sculpture in Volunteer Park. Otherwise known as the Volunteer Park Donut. Added bonus: if you have the right angle on a good day, you can get the Space Needle and the Olympics in the same shot (see above, thank you Traveler-Photo Digital)

The picture above is just to give you an idea of what Black Sun could look like on our Cap Hill notes: elegant, timeless, symbolic of the neighborhood.

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