Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seven League Boots

I didn't want to write about this until I had worn them a whole day, but now that I have the verdict is in: Z-Coil shoes are ha-mazing. It's like walking around with tiny mattresses under my feet. Actually, since the heels on my new boots are a spring surrounded by foam, I guess I really am walking around on tiny mattresses. Hawesome.

I also get to run around in the most comfortable pair of bitchkicker boots known to man. Seriously, they look like Doc Martens. This is surprising considering that most of the Z-Coil models look they were inspired by the Jetsons.

Best of all, my lower back and knees and hips are no longer bitching at me at the end of the day. This is nice. It was beginning to make me feel old and cranky.

If you feel like blowing a small fortune on shoes entirely capable of saving you from needing knee surgery, there's a store on the Hill at 1201 E Pine, right before the freeway and the dog park.

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